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Friends and Colleagues in Global Health

I have not kept a diary since I was 15. Since February 23rd 2020, however, I have been recording my own COVID-19 experience, and it has been helpful, therapeutic - a place to let my own global health professional head have a place to reflect. I am responding to initial soundings and a wave of interest in this project. The COVID-19 Diaries is an academic and personal project, but more importantly an investment in a community space for those of us who might want to mix the professional and the personal and record these times. It does not matter if you want to record private thoughts, share feelings with other users, or open-up for the wider public view. Your journal can be private, for the group, or in the public eye. It does not have to be science based or personal, or anything for that matter (within reason). The crucial thing is that we have all interacted with Global Health and all have feelings and opinions,  We are in for the long haul and I know that many people will be interested in the human face of global health – our communication and our experience of this crisis could help others and we could help each other.

At the end of the project I will seek to edit it as a collection with necessary permissions. The private entries remain private. Your private entries can and should be used as the space in which you save and edit journal entries. The diary can be back dated to dates before the website goes live in the last week of March.

To register you need to send me an email via the button below, and I will then send you a registration link. Fill in the registration details (just like Facebook) and create a profile. You can then edit your journal entry and save to private or other options.

Diary entries are automatically date stamped. Keep entries to 800 words a day. No pictures or graphs - it is an old school diary, intended to be for written reflections. Feel free to circulate the link and email to others. The website has been created by Jake, a friend. The website is not perfect and we will be improving it in coming weeks. Initial problems can be addressed via my website buddy

Good writing and stay safe!

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