Profile: Bernadett Varga - Public Health Policy Adviser - Ethnic Minorities & Migrants

Bernadett Varga - Public Health Policy Adviser -  Ethnic Minorities & Migrants

Bernadett is an independent public health professional of Roma ethnicity. She started her early career as a health advocate, studied Medicine at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary before earning her M.Sc degree in European Public Health at the University of Maastricht and she holds a B.Sc degree in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Szeged. She also holds a certificate on Strategic Leadership Management from the Harvard Kennedy School - Executive Education.

She has worked with the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, collaborated with the World Health Organization and the United Nations OHCHR. She chaired the Budapest-based Roma Health Fund and is a former Scientific Collaborator of the Brussels-based UCLouvain, where she co-authored the chapter "Adaptation of Primary Health Care for Migrants: Recommendations and Best Practices" in a Springer publication titled Access to Primary Care and Preventative Health Services of Migrants (2018).

Her research focuses on the social determinants of health, health inequalities, health disparities in Europe as well as on the right and access to healthcare services for vulnerable groups, such as the Roma and migrant populations.


Bernadett Varga's COVID-19 Diary

21 May 2020 : Our cultural determinants of health

"So, we have our unhealthy lifestyles, we eat unhealthy dishes, we smoke, we don’t do sport and we don’t attend screening programs either." There are thousands of excellent public health experts on ethnic minority and migrant health, however, there is something crucial most of them lack. It is the personal experience. Being a public health p...  Read this >>

Bernadett Varga, Public Health Policy Adviser - Ethnic Minorities & Migrants

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