Profile: Sore Throat - Policy Person

Sore Throat - Policy Person

Sore Throat is the pseudonym of a policy analyst and adviser in Washington, DC. 

Sore Throat's COVID-19 Diary

07 Sep 2020 : Leadership Phrenology?

Although I was trained in pretty much the mainstream of political science, this pandemic has caused me to question a pretty basic assumption of how we understand governance and what affects that. The usual poli sci trinity of explanatory families is "Ideas, Institutions, Interests." That is, most explanations for how we see people—whether individua...  Read this >>

Sore Throat, Policy Person

20 Aug 2020 : Ignoring actual humans

So I'm finally here. A few words of introduction. I currently work within the Washington DC policy industrial complex, in a job in which it's better to remain formally pseudononymous. I'd prefer that what I say not be associated with my superiors (and they might think the same!), and while we have a organizational policy that allows blogging, I don't thi...  Read this >>

Sore Throat, Policy Person

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