Profile: Markus Fraundorfer - Lecturer in Global Governance

Markus Fraundorfer - Lecturer in Global Governance

I am a Lecturer in Global Governance at the University of Leeds, researching and teaching on the transformations in global governance and transnational governance responses to global challenges, including infectious diseases, agricultural production, the energy transformation, the regulation of the Internet, etc. I have published two single-authored books (Brazil's emerging role in global governance: health, food security and bioenergy, 2015; Rethinking Global Democracy in Brazil, 2018) and my articles have appeared in academic journals like Global Policy, Global Governance, Global Constitutionalism, Globalizations and Climate Policy. Before coming to Leeds, I worked at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Markus Fraundorfer's COVID-19 Diary

25 Jul 2020 : The new normal

Things are gradually going back to normal. Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers have reopened. People can be seen in pubs again. The streets are as busy as before the lockdown. The traffic gridlocks during peak hours have returned. During the weekend, the city centre is as crowded as usual. After a drastic drop in greenhouse gas emissions over the last few ...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

28 Jun 2020 : Bad Dreams

Today I was on the bus. I needed to go to my office to get some books. The faculty had kindly organised for academic staff to enter their offices for a time slot of fifteen minutes each. The campus was still closed, and I really needed some books from my office for my current research and teaching preparation. It was ten past ten in the morning, and I was...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

31 May 2020 : Easing the lockdown: some comparisons with Germany

Tomorrow, Monday, 01 June, the British government will start easing the lockdown. In British society, there has been a heated debate about the pros and cons of this step. Does it come too soon? Is it just right? Should the lockdown continue? Many people, particularly parents, think it is too soon to ease the lockdown and reopen schools and nurseries. Ther...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

27 May 2020 : A most remarkable story

In these bizarre days, I sometimes feel like a character in a novel. Not necessarily a surreal novel, not fantasy and not magic realism. Rather like one of these anonymous characters in one of José Saramago’s abstract, hypothetical and almost academic novels. Most of Saramago’s novels begin with an abstract thought experiment from whic...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

20 May 2020 : Winds of Change

Since the beginning of the pandemic and its global spread, I have come across an abundance of articles, passionately announcing that this historic event will change everything; that it will change how we work and live; that it will even change our attitude towards climate change and make us more aware of global threats and the necessity to find together a...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

18 Apr 2020 : The crisis of a century

These days we have received some news from Brazilian friends we visited a few years ago. They live in Foz do Iguazú, a sleepy Brazilian town next to one of the seven wonders of nature, the Iguazú Waterfalls. The town is now even more ghostly than usual due to the lack of tourists, its primary source of revenue. The national park enclosing th...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

12 Apr 2020 : Memory of a singing tenor

This afternoon we watched a live stream on YouTube showing a solo performance by Andrea Bocelli in the Cathedral of Milan. The stream started with live images of an eerily silent and deserted city. The sun was setting; two trams were soundlessly sliding along an avenue; and nothing but the wind could be heard. Today on Easter Sunday, the Cathedral would ...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

10 Apr 2020 : Paranoid

I went to the supermarket yesterday. Online grocery deliveries have broken down. No matter which website we opened, be it Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, none of them were working properly. Several times we were put into a long virtual queue. Once we had finally selected all of our groceries, the payment system would not work, or all possible deliver...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

08 Apr 2020 : Suspended in space and time

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept empty the avenues and squares, roads and streets, train stations and airport terminals, tram and underground platforms of the world’s towns and cities. Train services suspended, aeroplanes grounded, cars abandoned. With the emptying of public space, time seems to have come to a grinding halt. Time management, just-in-...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

05 Apr 2020 : Of viruses, hunters and the hunted …

In times of crisis, societies frequently rally around their leaders to seek reassurance, guidance and leadership. Over the last few weeks, approval ratings of democratically elected governments, such as France, Germany and Italy, have all surged. Even the approval ratings of the US president and the UK prime minister are up despite their blasé reac...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

03 Apr 2020 : Ignorance: the virus’s most trusted ally

Ignorance kills. With all its Brexit hubris and nationalist arrogance, the UK government has taken this viral tsunami so lightly that once the waves of the pandemic hit British shores, the country did not even have enough testing kits for NHS workers. Other countries like South Korea and Germany demonstrate that testing is a fundamental tool to tackle the...  Read this >>

Markus Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance

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