Profile: Soledad Martínez - Assistant Professor

Soledad Martínez - Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health of the University of Chile. I have worked in the Chilean public health system, including different Health Districts and the Investment Department at the Ministry of Health. I am a medical doctor, got my Master's degree at the University of Chile and in 2014 was awarded a PhD in Health Services and Policy Analysis from the University of California, Berkeley.

Currently, my research interests are health systems research with a focus on the primary healthcare system, waiting lists management and Chilean health policy analysis.


Soledad Martínez's COVID-19 Diary

10 Aug 2020 : Chile's slow motion train wreck

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been feeling Chile is slowly moving towards disaster. We are used to earthquakes, floods, and volcano eruptions, but every single one of these events was abrupt and there is little anyone could have done to avert most of the damage.  The pandemic, on the other hand, started for Chile in February when news f...  Read this >>

Soledad Martínez, Assistant Professor

20 May 2020 : Despair

It has been a bad week... personally, professionally, epidemiologically... Chile is now entering the full collapse period of the epidemic. It could have been averted. (Male) Egos made it impossible. Now we are running in circles with no possibility of controlling the epidemic in the good old fashion way: test, trace, isolate. We public health scholars ge...  Read this >>

Soledad Martínez, Assistant Professor

07 Apr 2020 : Masks: To wear or not to wear?

A few days ago I purchased reusable masks for the family. Ironically, I have been hammering people on social media about not using masks if they are not sick or healthcare professionals. I have been saying they provide a false sense of security that people do not know how to use them, that we need to stop hoarding hospital masks to go outside (which we sh...  Read this >>

Soledad Martínez, Assistant Professor

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