Profile: Richard Kipling - Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

Richard Kipling - Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

Dr Richard Kipling is a lecturer in Sustainable Systems at Aberystwyth University, producing post-graduate level distance learning courses for professionals in the agri-food sector as part of the BioInnovation Wales project. His current research interests centre on exploring the implementation of sustainable farming in Europe. Dr Kipling has a background in wildlife conservation and pollination ecology as well as a degree in Economics and Politics. Recent work includes a comparative study of extension services for farmers in Wales and Uruguay, and a study considering climate change adaptation as a challenge for agricultural modellers. Dr Kipling is also engaged as an expert reviewer for the Solar Impulse Foundation. 


Richard Kipling's COVID-19 Diary

24 Oct 2020 : The war on dust

Yesterday, I finally got around to moving my ‘home office’ – laptop, monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, external hard-drive, an old desk and a chair – from the bedroom to the spare room. Helped by Veronica, my partner – who hadn’t realise she’d signed up to this when she travelled up from Bristol to join me for t...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

31 Aug 2020 : 'And take your disease with you'

I took a walk this morning along the upper reaches of the Aeron valley; an area of gently sloping pastures grazed by sheep and cattle, rolling land with sunken trackways and woods, scattered cottages and old chapels. It has been one of my favourite routes for years, but it starts with a challenge. The bridleway (unsigned from the road) follows a track tha...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

25 Aug 2020 : Change

Late August and the weather has changed; storms in from the sea blowing away the warm, sleepy air of mid-summer, freshness coming in with the rain. The strength of the gales, the intensity of the rain, the unpredictability of the heat-waves, unsettles me. In the heart of lockdown back in June I had sleepless nights listening to the wind around the house,...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

31 Jul 2020 : The lockdown path

My routine, like those of many others, was pretty much fixed from the 16th March until the week that people in Wales were finally allowed to travel more than three miles from their homes. I slotted into it easily – after the first couple of weeks I actually felt more rested and relaxed than I had for a long time – not because the amount of wor...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

03 Jun 2020 : Was lockdown vital or an abuse of power?

As the lockdown restrictions ease, current affairs programmes are full of people voicing opinions on whether they should ever have been put in place. Public figures such as Jonathan Sumption have eloquently put the case that such regulations, as well as being damaging, are an unjustified restriction on personal freedom that both infantilises and demonstra...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

02 Jun 2020 : Space Xscapism

The other night I watched the launch of the NASA / Space X Dragon capsule on its Falcon 9 rocket, via a live feed provided by the BBC. The last few minutes of the countdown were gripping, even though there was little to see until the very end: hearing the various communications, seeing the white plumes of steam rippling out from the launch vehicle as it w...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

01 Jun 2020 : The advisory minefield

Over the past few weeks, a big topic of debate has been the relationship between civil servants, politicians, and scientists. The repeated refrain from government on policy around Covid 19 has been that they have followed the scientific advice in coming to their decisions; this may be taken as a laudable strategy, as an attempt to avoid blame if things go...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

23 May 2020 : Local food in lockdown

Like everyone else, I’ve changed the way I buy my food since the lockdown began. I’ve always tried to buy local, from smaller shops and the farmers’ market. Still, I went to the supermarket a fair bit too, for quick shops when I was in a hurry or for brands I couldn’t get locally. A couple of things stopped me cutting out the supe...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

15 May 2020 : A place to live

Perhaps the most obvious impact of the lock-down is that we’re all forced to be at home. This seems, for many people, a difficult thing – to actually have to live in the place we ‘live’ in. Why has that become so strange and challenging? I think one reason is that, just as our lives have become a means to the end of collecting eno...  Read this >>

Richard Kipling, Lecturer in Sustainable Systems

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