Profile: Surbhi Shrivastava - PhD Student in Sociology

Surbhi Shrivastava - PhD Student in Sociology

I am a public health researcher pursuing a PhD in Sociology at Emory University, USA. I primarily work on issues of gender and women's health. During COVID-19, my work has focused on the functionality of municipal hospitals in Mumbai in providing care to COVID as well as non-COVID patients. Through the period of the nation-wide lockdown, I was also volunteering with a charitable trust in Mumbai to provide ration to migrant workers.


Surbhi Shrivastava's COVID-19 Diary

13 Aug 2020 : The Different Frames of Distance

I read an article about how loneliness rewires the human brain to perceive all relationships the same - friends, acquaintances and celebrities all become 'people around me but not with me'. (The article by Satviki Sanjay in Vice) This explained a few things I'd been feeling since the start of the pandemic but couldn't articulate. I realised that 'physica...  Read this >>

Surbhi Shrivastava, PhD Student in Sociology

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