Profile: Ben Rosher - PhD candidate

Ben Rosher - PhD candidate

I am a postgraduate student in the school of Social Sciences, Education, and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast and a Postgraduate Associate of the Institute for Irish Studies. My research focuses on critical security and, in particular, critical border studies as well as Brexit and political attitudes in Northern Ireland. I am currently completing an MRes examining ontological (in)security in the Irish border region and am about to start a PhD investigating the biopolitics of the Irish border in the context of Brexit.


Ben Rosher's COVID-19 Diary

03 Aug 2020 : The anxiety of border crossing during Covid

I am writing this, wearing a mask, from the eerily empty departure lounge at Glasgow International Airport. Waiting for a flight that I would rather not, but must necessarily, take for reasons that aren’t important here. What I would like to discuss here is anxiety, particularly the anxiety when faced with crossing borders and how a sudden change in...  Read this >>

Ben Rosher, PhD candidate

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