Profile: Ben Rosher - PhD candidate

Ben Rosher - PhD candidate

I am a postgraduate student in the school of Social Sciences, Education, and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast and a Postgraduate Associate of the Institute for Irish Studies. My research focuses on critical security and, in particular, critical border studies as well as Brexit and political attitudes in Northern Ireland. I am currently completing an MRes examining ontological (in)security in the Irish border region and am about to start a PhD investigating the biopolitics of the Irish border in the context of Brexit.


Ben Rosher's COVID-19 Diary

06 Jan 2020 : (mis)hand-ling the pandemic

Our hands were the first bodily focal point of the pandemic and have played a unique role in materially and discursively narrating and navigating us through our current condition. At the beginning of the pandemic, before masks were the primary preventative measure, we were told that washing our hands more frequently would halt the spread. At least 20 sec...  Read this >>

Ben Rosher, PhD candidate

15 Nov 2020 : The patient citizenship of the pandemic body

As we approach the end game of (this stage of) Brexit, and hopefully move toward the downward slope of the Covid pandemic, numerous interactions have had me thinking about citizenship. More often than not we think of citizenship as a marker of status – a title bestowed by sovereign decree that distinguishes one individual as a belonging subject and...  Read this >>

Ben Rosher, PhD candidate

03 Aug 2020 : The anxiety of border crossing during Covid

I am writing this, wearing a mask, from the eerily empty departure lounge at Glasgow International Airport. Waiting for a flight that I would rather not, but must necessarily, take for reasons that aren’t important here. What I would like to discuss here is anxiety, particularly the anxiety when faced with crossing borders and how a sudden change in...  Read this >>

Ben Rosher, PhD candidate

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