Profile: Gareth Moses - 1st Assistant Director

Gareth Moses - 1st Assistant Director

Gareth Moses is a DGA 1st Assistant Director based in Vancouver. He also run a record label and radio show called More Than Human.


Gareth Moses's COVID-19 Diary

19 Apr 2020 : Daily Briefing

Like picking at a scab you know will hurt and bleed I watch Trump’s daily briefing in full today and predictably I became so angry I had to walk around the neighbourhood for an hour afterwards to calm down.I’m not a big fan of arrogance (even though I’ve been known to exhibit this characteristic at times) and so prevalent was the ramblin...  Read this >>

Gareth Moses, 1st Assistant Director

08 Apr 2020 : Temporal Shift

Feeling ashamed for engaging in a very mild exchange at the local supermarket. As per a directive from the Provincial Health authority shops can no longer accept customers’ personal shopping bags and have resorted to packing groceries into plastic bags. Makes sense I suppose but when I am told of this at the checkout I concoct an elaborate plan wher...  Read this >>

Gareth Moses, 1st Assistant Director

05 Apr 2020 : From the Western edge

23 days since I last went to work and 18 days since we isolated ourselves in a small community on the Sunshine Coast on the West Coast of Canada. I work as a film technician in Vancouver (and occasionally other cities in the world) and my wife teaches animation at a local University. Luckily she’s able to continue to teach in a virtual set-up that m...  Read this >>

Gareth Moses, 1st Assistant Director

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