Profile: Dean Moull - PhD Student

Dean Moull - PhD Student

Rapidly ageing doctoral student. Preoccupied with coloniality, power asymmetries, the subaltern and issues of justice in the context of global health security.

Dean Moull's COVID-19 Diary

20 Aug 2020 : Home to roost: has colonial medicine 'come home'?

In the spirit of our founder (the mysterious COVID-19 Diaries), let’s kick off with a little controversy… global health actually just equals colonial medicine. Given the focus of my research perhaps this is not that controversial, but don’t take my word for it. No less than the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine has apparently been &ls...  Read this >>

Dean Moull, PhD Student

19 Aug 2020 : It's a feature NOT a bug

The ‘quality’ (I use that term with a great deal of hesitancy) newspapers in the UK (and no doubt elsewhere) along with social media fora have offered a litany of references to the British government’s incompetence in myriad areas. In the category of ‘definitely not ancient history’ are the suggestions that the Grenfell trage...  Read this >>

Dean Moull, PhD Student

08 Jun 2020 : Is COVID-19 the catalyst for change global health needs?

The unfolding drama that is 2020 continues to shock, with the global anti-racism protests vying for banner headline space with the ongoing response to COVID-19. At first glance the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis would appear unrelated to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, its continuing effects emphasise a fissure that has significantly affec...  Read this >>

Dean Moull, PhD Student

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