Profile: Eva Hilberg - Post-Doctoral Fellow

Eva Hilberg - Post-Doctoral Fellow

I am a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, UK. Currently I am working on several research projects in the global health security. Previous work analysed new priorities of the global health agenda, such as the use of digital technology for the promotion of mental health, and also analysed the role of intellectual property rights in global health.

Eva Hilberg's COVID-19 Diary

10 Sep 2020 : Mixed Messages

This week, the UK government has announced that it is relaunching its public health slogan to advise citizens on safe behaviour during the pandemic. The re-revealed central message is ‘Hands. Face. Space.’ This follows on from ‘Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives’ and the much more conflicted ‘Stay alert, control the vi...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

26 Aug 2020 : Adventures in Normality

It really seems as though you can get used to pretty much anything, given enough time. Whatever was shocking and disruptive months ago has by now become a sort of new normality for many people – including the new rules, the masks everywhere and the slight unease whenever you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself in a larger crowd. Like many people...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

06 Jul 2020 : First day back

It's the first day back at daycare, it's 10 am, and it already feels like it's been a long day. Everything is ever so slightly different yet again, which is surprisingly unsettling after all the other (more disruptive) changes that have already taken place. We dropped off an excited child at daycare, at a side door that now has yellow marks spray-painted ...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

19 Jun 2020 : The persistent question of childcare

This entry has been very much delayed due to the enormously challenging question of childcare, or rather the continuing absence of it. Over the past weeks, it has been at first immensely stressful and then increasingly draining to keep working around constantly changing work schedules and the energetic schedule of a two year old. In a way, I feel as thoug...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

27 May 2020 : It's time for limericks (yes, I'm angry)

By now I think that we are experiencing much of this global pandemic as a sequence of press conferences - or at least that is what I have been seeing. These events provide a point of reference, create a feeling that there is something going on, and suggest that there is an overall timeline and progression in this situation. Well, at least most of them are...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

20 May 2020 : Two Haiku

Here is another installment of abbreviated notes from key White House press conferences - this conference dated 23.4.2020 is already beyond infamous, and has been the basis of brilliant satire on Tiktok etc. - but it still stands out as the moment when something has come full circle, when all of a sudden you realise that up really is down now, and there i...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

15 May 2020 : Digital Debate

I am just watching a WHO press conference on my phone, via twitter - I did not know that this was even possible until now. But being interested in the use of digital technology within the field of global health, I thought that I'd give it a go (along with Instagram, which is an entirely different story). Anyway, at first I was really impressed with the wh...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

03 May 2020 : Back to the start

Over the past week(s) I've been reading through articles, assessments and press statements made by various organisations and individuals over the course of the outbreak. I am now compiling timelines to keep track of what is happening and what has already happened, as the presentation of past events increasingly shifts. Things are also moving at such a fas...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

22 Apr 2020 : King Of Something

I was actually working away on a 'proper' entry, about supply chains and timelines, which is only half-done - but then I simply could not resist - the next entry will be serious, I promise... even though I do not really know what is more serious than what is happening at this podium all of the time, broadcast live on television.   King Of Something...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

18 Apr 2020 : Donald Trump, Oedipus Rex

Here is another summary of White House remarks, which seem to become increasingly outlandish each day. Whenever you feel that you now have seen the worst of it, a new layer is added over night. At this point, Greek tragedies spring to mind, and I have been reading Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, in which Oedipus frantically tries to secure the survival of his cit...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

16 Apr 2020 : Speeches and Press Conferences

I've been reading so many speeches and statements over the past weeks, I don't even remember half of them anymore. It's an avalanche of material that just keeps on coming. It's hard to keep focused amongst all this, as many people have also noted everywhere. There is a constant hum of news, alerts and updates that demands attention thoughout the day (and ...  Read this >>

Eva Hilberg, Post-Doctoral Fellow

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