Profile: Katharina Krause - PhD Candidate

Katharina Krause - PhD Candidate

Katharina Krause is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Political Science since April 2017. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Augsburg in Social Sciences. On postgraduate level she studied Peace and Conflict Research and International Relations at the Institute of Political Science in Tübingen. During her semester at the American University in Washington DC she was an intern at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the German Embassy. Her PhD project explores the health-security nexus and analyses the visuality of epidemics taking Ebola as a starting point. The project is funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.



Katharina Krause's COVID-19 Diary

20 Dec 2020 : Fire, masks, and apathy

Dear diary, this week I almost set the kitchen on fire. Apparently, my two oven-related routines of sterilizing masks and baking Christmas cookies got mixed up. After putting in a baking tray of masks I heated the oven up to 180 degree Celsius, which, as the smoke and smell informed me ten minutes later, is 100 degrees too high for masks. Looking at the s...  Read this >>

Katharina Krause, PhD Candidate

19 Sep 2020 : Addendum: On (not) seeing bodies

In my last blog post (how was this already more than a month ago?) I sketched my ideas on the invisible body in the context of COVID-19. With the background of researching on images of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa where images of grief, sickness and death were the norm, the visual absence of the body in the case of COVID-19 caught my attention. In my...  Read this >>

Katharina Krause, PhD Candidate

24 Jul 2020 : On (not) seeing bodies

It is a very odd time to write a PhD on the visuality of the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic. I constantly find myself wondering about how this health crisis and the current pandemic speak to each other in visual terms and how Ebola shapes my seeing of COVID-19 and vice versa. Here are some first reflections based on my seeing of the pandemic. The first motive ...  Read this >>

Katharina Krause, PhD Candidate

22 May 2020 : Moral Fatigue

Disclaimer: This is a post full of banalities and complaining I am exhausted, I am tired, and, above all, I am upset that I feel this way. Right now, even the simplest decision seems complicated to me and this makes my everyday life cumbersome. Here are a few hits from this week: Grocery shopping: Since March, we only go grocery shopping once a week t...  Read this >>

Katharina Krause, PhD Candidate

06 May 2020 : #CollectingCorona

I am doing a PhD on the visuality of epidemics. My focus is on the Ebola epidemic in west Africa but, little surprisingly, since a few months I am pondering a lot about how we visually experience the COVID-19 pandemic. Reading Bill Callahan’s ‘Sensible Politics’ (highly recommended!) got me thinking beyond the two-dimensional image, ask...  Read this >>

Katharina Krause, PhD Candidate

24 Apr 2020 : Mask On - Day One

I am probably late to the party but today marks the first time I went grocery shopping wearing a DIY-mask. So far, debates on whether wearing a mask is useful or not had prevented me from doing so. Instead, I had focused on physical distancing, minimizing face-to-face interaction with persons outside my household, and hand washing. In early April, I wro...  Read this >>

Katharina Krause, PhD Candidate

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