Profile: Ioannis Papagaryfallou - Research Assistant in Global Health

Ioannis Papagaryfallou - Research Assistant in Global Health

Ioannis Papagaryfallou is a Research Assistant at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he also completed his PhD. His doctoral dissertation offered a critical reconstruction of the English School of International Relations. Contrary to those who identify the English School with an ahistorically conceived international society, he underlined the importance of the history/theory dialectic. Ioannis is currently co-operating with the Research Center LSE Health, where he is conducting research at the intersection of Health and International Relations, and contributing to various projects.

Ioannis began his academic journey at the University of Athens, Greece, where he studied Media and Communications. His strong interest in domestic and international politics led him to come to London to read Political Theory (MSc) and International Relations Theory (MSc). Despite his initial interest in Europe and the European Union, Ioannis has focused his attention on a number of specifically American debates regarding the history and prospects of fundamental healthcare reform.

Apart from establishing links between the political theory of Iris Marion Young and global health studies, Ioannis has evaluated the empirical challenges facing global health governance, and debated the concept of 'responsibility'. Ioannis is particularly interested in the future of globilization and the threat that political events such as Brexit, and pandemics, such as COVID-19, represent to it.

He is following closely the work of diverse think tanks and research centers, including the Center for Public Integrity, the Quinchy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, and the Center for Responsive Politics. Ioannis is a regular contributor to the blog LSE Review of Books, and he recently signed an Author Publishing Agreement with Diplomacy & Statecraft.

Ioannis Papagaryfallou's COVID-19 Diary

20 Jan 2021 : Joe Biden and Fundamental Healthcare Reform

Joe Biden is the first president whose tenure will be defined and dominated by health issues. The pandemic has exposed the flaws and vulnerabilities of the healthcare system, and any attempt to preserve the link between employment and access to healthcare is doomed to failure in a country of more than 30 million unemployed. The social and other problems c...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

06 Dec 2020 : Zizek and Agamben on COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has been consistently problematizing official attitudes towards COVID-19 writing in his personal blog and elsewhere. In particular, Agamben has been criticizing the undisguised and continuous violation of fundamental freedoms in the name of public health. The Italian phi...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

31 Oct 2020 : COVID-19 and Internationalism II

In my previous post, I explained why COVID-19 undermines the political credibility of neoliberal globalism and nationalism and should therefore give way to internationalism. Although critiques of nationalism abound in academia and elsewhere, more work is required to elucidate the concept of internationalism. Noam Chomsky’s short but illuminating vol...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

10 Sep 2020 : COVID-19 and Internationalism I

The COVID-19 global health crisis has triggered economic and political processes that defy easy conceptualisation. The LSE COVID-19 blog, and the latest issue of the journal Nations and Nationalism, contribute to the elucidation of the political and economic aspects of the crisis caused by the pandemic. Both sources acknowledge the tentative character of ...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

26 Aug 2020 : Aftershock

Policy Network’s engaging series Aftershock: Society and Politics after the Pandemic has managed to illuminate and also propose solutions to the overlapping crises facing society in the aftermath of COVID-19. The greatest public health emergency for over a century has undoubtedly accentuated inequalities, revealed the lack of effective political lea...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

20 Jun 2020 : COVID-19 and Non-military Threats to National Security

The end of power politics has been frequently advertised but never actually materialized. Interestingly enough, great-power rivalries are pronounced dead or irrelevant in the aftermath of major conflicts, such as World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft is...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

25 May 2020 : On Mike Davis and the American Left

In the pages of the Jacobin and elsewhere, the historian and social critic Mike Davis has addressed the societal problems associated with COVID-19, and the ways in which governments and social movements should try to respond to them. Accurately enough, Davis describes the current public health crisis as a monster fuelled by capitalism. The conservative co...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

14 May 2020 : Lockdown England

England has been on lockdown since late March. Contrary to those who argue that UK’s response to COVID-19 was too soft, the lockdown has been harsh, indiscriminate, and, on occasion, it has infringed upon individual liberties. Boris Johnson’s much-anticipated speech last Sunday did not change much. The ‘baby steps’ described toward...  Read this >>

Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health

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