Profile: Andy Hom - Senior Lecturer

Andy Hom - Senior Lecturer


Other than knowing Owain Williams, Simon Rushton, and Clare Wenham when they were just sprouts in the Aber marshes, Andrew Hom is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Edinburgh and an Associate Editor of the journal, International Relations. His research interests include timing and time, international theory, security, victory in war, and philosophies of social science. His book, International Relations and the Problem of Time, will be published in May 2020 by Oxford University Press, which also published his co-edited volume, Moral Victories: The Ethics of Winning Wars. Other recent work can be found in International Theory, Time & Society, International Studies Quarterly, Millennium, Security Dialogue, Australian Journal of Politics and History, the Routledge Handbook of Ethics and International Relations, and the Oxford Handbook of Time and Politics.

Andy Hom's COVID-19 Diary

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