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10 Apr 2020 : 10 days flew by

I've not written since my April Fool's Day entry 10 whole days ago. Why? I don't really know, they days seem to have flown by - I was surprised that a whole 10 days had past already when I checked my last entry. I've had so many thoughts and topics going around in my head in these 10 days. One of the things I've noticed is that in these 10 days, the international/global community has really started to come out of hiding - lately I've seen and read more articles about covid-19 in LMICs (heartbreaking ones) on my Twitter feed and in general. It seems that we are perhaps becoming a little more proactive about thinking of others, and not just looking internally. Perhaps the chaotic few weeks here in the UK are starting to feel less chaotic and we can find some space to reach out and connect across continents. I'm not sure... but it's a welcome change! I wonder if others have noticed that too? 

I will keep this entry short for now; will come back with a longer one soon, certainly before another 10 days pass!! 

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