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21 Feb 2020 : China again

Prisons seem to be horrific in China, they are really just a sentence to get the disease. What a surprise. Chinese really copping a lot of flack on burying crisis but WHO seem enamoured with response. Tedros and co particularly praiseworthy. Maybe they have WHO over a barrel (got Tedros elected). But it is just full on praise. Figures look dire and it seem cruise ship is in trouble. They are basically crazy sources of infection in normal circumstances, and this could be a bad one. It seems things are really hotting up and I am really pleased to have started this, might be the basis of an article. Borio and Gottlieb write in the Wall Street Journal that tests must be ramped up immediately "while we can intervene to stop the spread". Could be a lver for funding, but serious people are getting a bit worried.

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