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15 Apr 2020 : Staying Healthy while Staying Home

My eye vision is poor, and the world that I see is always a bit blurry. However, I do not like to wear glasses. When wearing them, I feel that the lenses distort the images of the world that I see through the glasses, and that an invisible barrier makes me feel distant from the person whom I talk with. I have always been comfortable in my blurry world. For these reasons, I do not wear glasses in my normal life, except for a few circumstances such as working in the office or attending seminars or workshops.

To me, my home is not the place where I should wear glasses because it is not a place to work for. I have not worn them since the lockdown began, and now I think that my eye vision has gotten worse because of staring at screens for too long. I have been spending most of my time at home in the lockdown staring at the screens of my computer, television, tablet PC, or mobile phone, to watch films, meet people virtually, surf the web, or read books and articles. My eyes have been a little sore and irritated, but I did not think about this issue seriously until this morning.

It was a total shock. I could not find any other word to express my feeling this morning, but ‘’shocked’. There is, I thought, a flowery tree just outside of my window, which I have never paid attention to before the lockdown. Over the last weeks, small, white flowers began to blossom, and the tree was covered with pretty petite flowers. One of my favourite activities during the lockdown has been to observe how the flowers have blossomed. This morning, while marking essays wearing my glasses, I wondered suddenly about the flowery tree, and could not believe what I saw through the glasses: the small, white flowers were not flowers but leaves actually.

This surprising experience tells me two possibilities: My eye vision has become worse since the lockdown, or I am an indifferent person who does not notice if they are flowers or new leaves. Maybe both, but I think my eyesight got worse during this lockdown. It was good to know that there is a green, fresh tree out of my window, but also sad at the same time that I have poorer eye vision.

Many people are concerned about their mental and physical health in this virus situation. On Tuesday, we heard that the lockdown may extend to up to 3 more weeks. I think I should do some exercise for my health, but I have become too lazy during the lockdown to do so. Perhaps, I can start by exercising my eyes (easy!).

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