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16 Apr 2020 : Speeches and Press Conferences

I've been reading so many speeches and statements over the past weeks, I don't even remember half of them anymore. It's an avalanche of material that just keeps on coming. It's hard to keep focused amongst all this, as many people have also noted everywhere. There is a constant hum of news, alerts and updates that demands attention thoughout the day (and the night). While I am trying to keep up, I have also had to let things go - and have started a habit of producing rather weird summaries of some of these statements in the absence of time to produce a coherent analysis. This can be either read as a strange word cloud, or a patchwork poem (yes, this is a thing, I checked! I'm a bit surprised as well, apparently there is an ancient Roman tradition of 'cento' poems that takes lines from other work and then makes this into something new. Well, you learn something every day...)

As this is meant to be a diary, I'm posting one of these today as an inaugural effort. I'll try for more insight / analysis another time!

Easter Message

(All words White House Remarks, April 10th, 2020)

We’re reminded that our story ends not in despair, but in triumph and renewal.

We are trying to get Mexico, as the expression goes, “over the barrel.”

We’re up to about 168 miles of wall.

And we don’t want anything to hurt our incredible industry.

I think, eventually, it’s going to work out.


So, New York, we know where that is.

And New Orleans is a great place; I have so many friends there

Great people. 

Everybody is so, so — has been so amazing.

The virus’s impact on our cherished African American communities 

— it’s very troublesome, I will tell you that.


We’re in great shape in every way.

We’re in great shape with ventilators.

We’re in great shape with protective clothing. 

They’re in great shape for this surge that’s coming 

and that’s a good job. I appreciate it. 

I think we can say that, Doctor.  

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