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20 Apr 2020 : Twitter and Piers.

It’s been an interesting week since my last post, and in all honesty I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to where to start, however I think I’m going to start with Twitter, the forum for middle age people to rant. Now let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good old rant? If you don’t then seriously what is wrong with you.

So here it is, I’ve found myself following Piers Morgan, I know WTF, it clearly must be bad times because I’m finding myself agreeing with him. Anyway, at some time over the weekend (if your days aren’t rolling into one, you’re bloody lucky)  he posted a tweet referring to The Times article about Boris missing 5 COBRA meetings and basically being missing in action, to say he wasn’t a happy bunny is an understatement. So get this,  some women who clearly hasn’t been following the Covid developments as closely as she should, chirps up with, ‘what happened to being kind?’ I took a deep breath, then off I went on my twitter educational rant- This has nothing to do the with being kind, if you hadn’t noticed people are dying. People are seriously ill. People are economically insecure. People haven’t seen their loved ones in weeks. Boris needs to be held accountable for this. And do his job.

The responses that I got were comedy gold, ‘what Boris, how can you blame Boris and his magical government?’, who are actually superheroes in disguise, and you call yourself Dr.  It’s got nothing to do with Boris, it’s all Chinas fault, simple as that. Come to think of it, it’s to do with the Americans as well. Now I knew the British public were missing some smarts, after all we’re in the exit stage of BREXIT, but its fucking sad to think that Boris and his chums aren’t at all at fault, and that they shouldn’t be held accountable for the current situation that we, as a nation, find ourselves in. Now of course Covid 19 didn’t start here, we all know that, however the response by our government has been slow at best and there are plenty of people who will support this, and those who are no longer in a position to because they’ve lost their lives.

I’m pissed off, it’s as simple as that. I’m pissed that people are so ignorant. The response to Covid in the UK needed to be quicker with more decisive action taken, it wasn’t and now we’re up to 16,509 and that’s without counting those who’ve died in care homes. Yes, people die, but it didn’t have to be like this.

In the coming months many more people will die, yes this includes deaths from Covid, but people will also die due to the effects of Covid. Social isolation is a killer as too is poverty.

Now is not the time to be kind, now is the time to ask questions and to keep asking questions to those in power until we get the answers that we need.

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