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22 Apr 2020 : King Of Something

I was actually working away on a 'proper' entry, about supply chains and timelines, which is only half-done - but then I simply could not resist - the next entry will be serious, I promise... even though I do not really know what is more serious than what is happening at this podium all of the time, broadcast live on television.


King Of Something (All words White House Remarks, April 20th, 2020)

We are now the king of ventilators all over the world. We can send them anywhere. 

So then they said, “Testing. Testing. Oh, we’ll get him on testing.” Well, testing is much easier than ventilators. Ventilators are big machines that are very complex and are very expensive. You need real — real — you need a group of people that really know what they’re doing. 

And I think the Admiral and I think that Brad will show you some things that you haven’t seen…

We’re way advanced. Way advanced. 


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