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06 May 2020 : Fuck the Tories

Yes, I've said it, 'FUCK THE TORIES'. Hold on, let me say that again, and again and again. FUCK THE TORIES, FUCK THE TORIES, FUCK THE TORIES, FUCK THE FUCKING TORIES. Now imagine that written in the shape of a rainbow, different colours with the wonderful words, FUCK THE TORIES flowing through them. That’s what I’ve got in my living room window.

The rainbow’s been highjacked by loads of different groups, and who am I to judge. It’s now the symbol of hope for the UK and importantly the NHS. Little kids have carefully (or not so carefully) drawn rainbows, coloured them in then got their parents/carers to proudly display them in their windows. I thought about asking my daughter if she’d like to do a rainbow picture several times, after all it would give her something to do, a sense of purpose, her way of contributing to the fight, the war on Covid. The truth is, I never got round to asking her and she never asked me. So when I came across the ‘FUCK THE TORIES’ rainbow picture (I’d love to share, however we can’t add images to our blog) it was like baby Jesus was giving  me, a sign… Thanks, I’ll have that one.

You may well ask what does Lisa have against the Tories… If you’re asking that question, then off you must FUCK.

Let me start with Matt ‘tigger’ Hand ‘job’. Not only is he an incompetent health secretary, (what I hear you cry, how can he be incompetent, we’re finally top of the league in Europe. Drum roll please, the country with the highest Covid related fatalities goes to…… that’s it guys, those fun loving BREXITEERS) he’s also a privileged male chauvinistic prick. Watch this and tell me you don’t think the same. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2020/may/05/too-early-to-say-uk-worst-coronavirus-death-record-in-europe-says-raab-video

The simply facts are- we went into lock down too late, we kept our boarders open when they should have been closed, we’ve fucked up the testing strategy, we’ve fucked up PPE (by ‘we’ I’m of course referring to the Tories) the list goes on. 

On Sunday our part time PM is supposedly going to be addressing the nation to let us minions know how we’re supposed to come out of lock down and move on with our lives. Now what will the great Boris have to say for himself. ‘We’re all in this together Lisa, this is affecting all of us equally Lisa, if we stick together we’ll get through this, we will recover, we’ll be great again, stiff upper lip, the muggers won’t win….’. The thing is we aren’t all equal and we won’t all get through this together. I’m a mother of 2 kids and I’m going to be honest (when aren’t I) I was nervous about their futures before Covid, (Yes, this was mainly due to the fact that we’ve fucked up the planet) now I’m terrified of what lies ahead for them and what the lock down is doing to them as young people. I’m also concerned about what the future holds for my family, my friends and myself.

I’m so fucked of with the Tories, their approach to this has been a disaster. Lives have been lost and many more will follow. These lives are on their hands. The livelihoods lost are on their hands, they must be held accountable.

And for all of the Tory voters stood outside their houses on a Thursday night clapping for NHS workers, how dare you. You voted for these fuckers. Now fuck off.... stay at home, don't vote Tory. 

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