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09 Mar 2020 :

Had a few days off this diary and actually missed it. Italy is now in complete country wide self isolation and quarantine. Travel bans in Europe are multiplying. I think Czech Republic may have closed borders today. Also big movements on stock markets and some evidence of emerging markets getting pounded. All friends getting nervous and colleagues starting to wonder out loud about the ISA Hawaii conference (not going to happen). Leeds is busy enough, all the pubs and bars full. Not surprised government messaging is just absent or plain weird.

Trump on fire today: Trump says that his response (or whatever he was rambling about) and compares COVID to common to the common flu. Also states it will ‘be good for the consumer’. He is a first class moron and you can see increasing unease in op eds from former CDC and officials in the US escalating opposition to cuurent fake news/Democrat plot. I fear they are being side-lined. Martin now in full lock-down on his own in Italy and seems to be eating mainly beans. Emma is in Lesbos at the refugee camps which is brave but I fear for her there. Picket lines good today but I am wondering how long the university will stay open as well as schools. I wish Edie did not have to go in every day.

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