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11 Mar 2020 : Trump again

Nadine Dorries MP had tested positive for the virus and 9 more cases in Wales bringing the total to 15

University suspends all international travel today for business purposes and recommends against personal travel unless you can get back. I think that could mean I will be stuck here or potentially lose my job. Feels like the start of a very stupid waiting game where I am basically now locked into the jumping before or after inevitable university closure. 1st world problem but very real to me. If I stay I could be stuck in Leeds on my own or I could isolate with Marty and the kids in Aberystwyth. My god just came on news that Greece shut all schools. Johnson dithers and is AWOL. WHO just declared a pandemic and launched a 1000 tweets! I must admit it does seem significant – basically we are entering a new phase in human history. But I am not sure what difference it being officially a pandemic makes (It has been for 3 weeks at least). Trump also bans all travel from the EU (except from UK). We are the epicentre in Europe and I really would not go to the USA now for love nor money. It is going to head over a cliff and nothing seems to be getting through to Trump. Like the UK, people are going to pay with their lives for political failure. India has cancelled all visas for tourists. Some of the states in India (all of them?) have not got the health systems capacities for a pandemic. Most LMICs will suffer badly I fear. So far Africa appears to be doing well. In the UK confirmed cases rose by 208 to 798 confirmed cases. It is rapidly escalating and government approach increasingly bizarre.

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