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27 May 2020 : It's time for limericks (yes, I'm angry)

Two Limericks


There once was a man on a mission

To test his eyes with precision

He went for a drive

With his kid and his wife

And found he had truly no vision


To a man who was nobody's vassal

Quarantine seemed a right hassle

Took his family

Drove across the country

All else is just Barney Castle


By now I think that we are experiencing much of this global pandemic as a sequence of press conferences - or at least that is what I have been seeing. These events provide a point of reference, create a feeling that there is something going on, and suggest that there is an overall timeline and progression in this situation. Well, at least most of them are trying to do some of these things. Then again, they can fail spectacularly.... and destroy or undermine any number of important health priorities along the way. None of this is funny, much rather outright dangerous and will cause much preventable suffering. Donald Trump has by now mostly stopped his extended daily rants, which has only freed up the airwaves for others to take over. And, of course, over this long weekend the UK has been in the grip of some truly bizarre statements. When listening to the US President, one cannot help but to think of Greek tragedies, as he declares himself to be King of Ventilators - when it comes to Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings, it's all a lot more Barney Castle.... 

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