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28 May 2020 : Brazilian power

I am pretty excited today! I am feeling hopeful and happier than in previous days. Well, I also have many things that concerned me about my country's erratic behavior toward COVID-19. Last week, a ministerial meeting video was released, and it seems that many (many) issues came out. To name a few:

  1.  the Ministry of Environment said that the government should take advantage of this crisis to approve all the deregulation measures (mainly those related to the protection of the Amazon forest); 
  2. the president said he will not accept any intervention on his decisions and will do anything he can to protect his family (we are not talking about democracy anymore, it is more like a national family company;
  3. the Ministry of Finance said that micro-businessmen are not a government priority, and the government will not provide much financial assistance to recover state-owned companies from (un)foreseen bankruptcy. 

Despite all these not-so-good-things, two things brought relief to my hopeful heart. The first thing is about a conference I attended this morning about the access to COVID-19 vaccines. Among the speakers, there were two Brazilian. I was so happy to see them there speaking about vaccine access & development. How nice to see our country-fellows in these positions. Well, they are well-known Brazilians: Celso Amorim, former Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (during Lula's administration), and Mariângela Simão (WHO Assistant Director-General for Access to Medicines, Vaccines, and Pharmaceuticals) - she is Brazilian and also worked with my boss at the Ministry of Health. I can't explain what I felt when I heard their words, especially during this week, in which I am finishing my proposal to ISA2021 on Brazilian HIV policy (not yet sure about its focus but...). It was inspiring & insightful. Finally, I started to be part of decolonizing global health movement. I am so proud of this, and I am sure I will do everything I can to make people hear the global south voice about health issues.

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