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16 Jun 2020 : Re-Opening Clusters

I live in Jacksonville, FL, USA. Bars were allowed to re-open on June 5. Roughly ten days later, three bars and two restuarants in the beach communities have closed due to clusters of cases centered in them, according to local news. One bar, Lynch's Irish Pub, had 7 employees test positive -- and reportedly at least 15 customers -- after a customer called to inform the bar they had tested positive after being there. Numbers aren't available for other bars and restaurants, but all are closed to either test employees, deep clean the premises, or both. And they will all re-open again.

And, yes, it's THAT Jacksonville.  In August, up to 50,000 out-of-towners will converge on our restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, etc. while attending the Republican National Convention. Our mayor invited them.

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