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17 Jun 2020 : Nothing like home

In July 2010, I left my parents home to live an incredible experience in Québec, Canada. I finished high school at École Secondaire des Patriotes (Saint-Eustache, QC), and I came back to Brazil. But I came back to start my University life in 2012. I used to go back to my parents' house every holiday until 2015 when I returned home for five months to study for a master's degree application. In 2016, I left my lovely home to start a new life in Brasília, where I lived until January 2020. I left Brasilia, and now I returned to my parents' house to face two enormous challenges: starting my Ph.D. application & to keeping safe from COVID-19. This week I just realized that maybe my Brasilia's journey has ended. 

Not easy to realize that. Coming back to my sweet home was a big (and tough) step in my life. I quit social networks (Facebook & Instagram) because I had to left many things behind. However, what seemed to be an impossible mission became a journey of discoveries and self-knowledge. I see my friends getting anxious because they don't know what to do in the future. I see my family members nervous because they fear a post-pandemic future. Hopefully, I think that I got locked into the mindfulness of well-being, and I got a bit alienated from the outside world. I had to make choices, and it was imperative to keep mentally healthy. Today I finally realized that I master lockdown, and I am delighted to keep going on my therapist!

I found home twice in this pandemic scenario. First, when I came back to recover from depression. It was hard because I've denied many life problems. When I finally accepted that I need treatment, a new world was uncovered (and I thank myself and my sweet mother for this. Thanks, mom!). Second, home is a self place. It's a place where your mind feels comfortable, where you think that your mental health is improving. Home is when you finally found yourself under turbulence, and you keep going your trust in yourself is more significant than any other fear—nothing like home. Home is where you should be to realize that this pandemic will be over, and you should be prepared for that. It's not easy, but we must believe in this future. I'm thankful for each day I spent with my parents and with myself, it's so rewarding! A mental note: nothing like home.

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