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28 Jun 2020 : Masks, what's your problem?

OK, so the juries out on masks, there are experts who say that we should wear them and there’s experts who say that we don’t really need to. Neither Boris nor Trump wear them, so why should we really bother.

I’m no scientist, but I can tell you one thing for sure, when I wear my mask (which is in public and always in closed places) I feel like a superhero, I feel protected and that I’m protecting others. I know this might sound daft, but on a psychological level, for me it’s really important. It’s really important because Covid 19 hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s here in our communities and it will continue to cause damage simply because there’s no vaccine and no treatment, so why the hell aren’t people taking all the precautions that they can? Ah, that’s right as long as we wash our fucking hands we’ll be OK. What a load of shite.

Our economy is about to reopen, from July 4th I’ll be able to go back to the pub, though fuck only knows what that’s going to be like. A trip to the cinema will also be on offer as well as an art gallery, yippy, some normality. BUT….. why would I want to do any of these things if people think that the worst is over and that life is ‘normal’ again?

The scenes we’ve seen this week of crowed beaches or mass gathers and people partying in the street are saddening. Not a mask in sight, let alone any understanding of social distancing. But hey, we’re Brits, we can handle this. I hope they’re right and I’m wrong. Whatever happens, I’ll have my mask.

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