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24 Aug 2020 : How to (not) solve the Brazilian conundrum?

Dear all, I hope you are doing fine! The last 24 hours have been complicated in Brazil, primarily because of the widespread corruption news about the President's wife. Honestly, these things do not impress me too much. I do not feel comfortable in admitting this. Well, but amid a pandemic and many corruption scandals, I asked myself how to (not) solve the Brazilian conundrum this morning. As I cannot offer the best-buys, I can, at least, indicate one big clue about things that should not be done.

As I am a little busy in my daily work, I will summarize it in one word: misinformation. During a pandemic, good sources of information are mandatory to avoid the infodemic (aka the widespread of fake news). In Brazil, many people are investigating the "hate office," an office in charge of the spread of fake news. This office is related to the Executive's public relations office. Also, hiding or mismanaging the information about deaths, infected people, and recovered has been employed by the President to keep everything "under control." At the same time, we see a tsunami of fake news; the Brazilian National Congress tries to approve a law about fake news (to criminalize them). Unfortunately, this is going to be a new Brazilian long history. At the international level, the WHO has been hunting for fake news. If you know anything, you can reach out through the WHO's website.

Ps.: I am sorry for hurrying up, but I promise to write again this week about Brazilian scandals.

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