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20 Mar 2020 : First Day of Isolation

Kylie brings in supplies and chance to catch up with the news. Basically, it is very bleak and I do not have the emotional strength to deal with this today. What is important is that social groups are forming online. Friends businesses are closing. Australia teeters to closures and there is talk of Wales, Scotland and NI all closing schools. The same is happening here with talk of border closures and the states and territories literally defecting from Commonwealth policy Trump continues to bombast and make completely lunatic statement with Fauci ashen next to him. He would be best served just shooting the baboon. It would save so many lives. I do not like what is happening in the States, it is really a car crash now. I fear for friends and colleagues there, but also close to 30 million uninsured.

But I do have the idea to open up a platform for those working in Global Health. An open diary platform. I phone Jake in Norwich and he agrees to develop it. Spend the rest of the day thinking of parameters while Jake starts on the back end. Thankfully he is a tech savant – a fundi as they say in Kenya. Leaves me free to pontificate. I start DM possibles on Twitter and I think most people think I am having a funny one on this. But I feel a need to share and hear what others are doing and feeling in the field.

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