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24 Sep 2020 : Brief thought on covid fatigue

I’m having covid fatigue these days. I’m getting to a point where I lack the energy to feel strongly about the latest UK government mess-up, their latest new ideas on how to put profits before people, on how to overreach and avoid parliament scrutiny. And so on. It’s difficult to sustain feelings of outrage, and there’s so much to be outraged about of course, not just covid. But the virus does help bring out so many deeply rooted, structural injustices.

And now that the initial surprise-effect is gone, I wonder whether we entering the real long haul nightmare phase, with all its insidious political and social effects that extend way beyond purely virology, and which the first wave had set the scene for.

I find it difficult to write at the moment, because my world has shrunk - especially right now that I have to self-isolate (I recently got back to the UK from a foreign place which was not ‘corridor-vetted’… concepts like these ‘corridors’ seem so absurd, surreal). And now summer is over, and with it the opportunity to make the most of outdoor spaces.

But at least I was lucky enough to get to travel abroad and spend some time with loved ones. Having the luxury to almost forget about the pandemic for a while, enjoying the spacious countryside with my family, is something I am really grateful for.   

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