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25 Nov 2020 : Back on the Brighter Side

I lost perspective last week. Months of worries, large and small, combined with missing my family and I gave in to self-pity. Of course, the act of whining itself probably helped me get back on the brighter side.

There is nothing good about the virus itself. I can, however, see some advantages within our new pandemic lifestyles.

I am fortunate to have a job, and one that can be done online from home. A few months ago, because I could work from anywhere, that enabled me to spend time with a terminally ill family member – time that I will always value.

The distant nature of socializing has helped me catch up with friends with whom I’d fallen out of touch and get to better get to know extended family members with whom I didn’t often have one-on-one conversations.

I can limit my risk in many ways and understand the value in doing so. Bouts of pandemic fatigue don’t change that.

I have hope that a change in national government will improve my country’s response to the pandemic, and that those changes might trickle down to the state and local levels, as well.

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