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30 Mar 2020 : More Figures

Spain has 80,000 infections and Italy a staggering 97,000, the latter with 11,000 deaths. Reports from doctors and staff in Spain describing hospitals as being totally swamped, and despite talk of flattening the curve some predict a peak in 3 weeks. France now has 680 deaths and Germany is accepting patients.

New Orleans governor just made a very stark warning of April 2nd being the capacity day for the health system, and lack of equipment and supplies. Maryland also in real trouble. Birx asks for every metropolitan are of the US to prepare for an outbreak on the scale of NYC. UK is not fairing much better. Yesterday (Sunday) was the second consecutive day of over 200 deaths. Sturgeon warns rather optimistically of 13 weeks of the present regime. 25,000 former NHS workers are returning from work. The ethic of people who work, or have worked in the NHS is absolutely remarkable, it clearly is loved and valued despite being run into the road by austerity. I’d clap them and fund them.

India just seems in sheer panic and meltdown. Foreigners are being targeted, it now being called the ‘foreigners’ disease’. People walking home, food lines and rationed rice and dahl for the luck. Indonesia is another emerging disaster. Turkey goes from 1 to 9000 cases in 2 weeks The S+P Australia has its best day in 40 years in some crazy logic.

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