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02 Apr 2020 : Return Home and Dumpster Fire

I returned home this morning, my other home in Brisbane, after 14 days of isolation. It was very emotional for me, but also very strange. Youngest daughter was so happy to see me, but I do miss Tom and Edie too. All together in some shape of form, despite the no almost incomprehensibale distances. Spent most of the day just playing and Frozen and the film Coco. felt blissful and bizarre after hammering away at this diary for the last 14 days straight. Because of my early warnings we have enough food for somethink like 3 years (in jest) and really could feed the street.

But this has become addictive and by evening time I have to check the news. Confirmed cases have now gone over the million mark as expected. It is exponential. Billions live under some for restrictions. More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment in the week up to 28 March. That country now has 236,000 confirmed cases and close on 6,000 deaths. It is a giant dumpster fire of tragic proportions. The country is in deep recession acourding to the BofA. From graphics on the history of unemployment in US, this is simply off all charts - mammoth and jaw dropping.

Cases have also reappeared in China. I suspect that this is not a second wave but a simple continuation of the first in different provinces. In Iran the regime is sstill lying about the cases and mortality. First death in slums of Mumbai, where this will spread like wildfire. Simply horrendous toll of this on the global poor. I send fresh messages to UK friends and family. South Wales is certainly a hotspot now, and my parents, though locked up need to really sit this out with extreme caution. Also the last LFC hame with Athletico is taking a grim toll all these weeks laster in Liverpool. Terrible really, just for a game of football.

In the UK the government pledge to test 25,000 per week in now 2 weeks old. We are managing half that. It is a disgrace of epic proportions. The government has to bail out bus  firms to keep transport running for essential services. In Spain where the curve has flatened there were 950 deaths today.  I have just got contrbutor for Sri Lanka starting and we go live tomorrow at 10 am GMT. We'll see what happens.

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