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12 Feb 2020 : Day 1 of Diary

Decided to start a diary about coronavirus today. Hello me, hello diary. Been inspired by all the great ethnographic work out there at the moment, and I suppose living alone for this new year at Leeds and new job. Also, received a very nice, warm invite from Sanjoy Bhattacharyato present at his York University, WHO Collaborating Centre on Global Health Histories. Going to be on the virus, and despite me warning that I was not a health security person, he had had the word from Joao that I was worthwhile. Also, I am supposed to be working on security, so I’d better get busy on something. So I said I would do something on emerging international politics of Coronavirus. Lots of debate out there about the outbreak – authoritarian regimes are better at response than democratic (discuss), and the human rights rumblings, and the IHR purists. Have some ideas and he seems nice, so will go up there on the 27th February. See how this diary goes, but the evenings in a flat on my own in new town are so boring.

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