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13 Feb 2020 : China cover up

It seems that there was an early cover up of outbreak in China, as early as December 27th. Posts on WeChat by doctors buried by the local CCP and health officials. Dr Li Wenliang warned of a SARS-like virus. Of course, now looking grim there. Karen Grepin at HKU has like me been in new post since January and is in lockdown, being very funny about toilet paper orders online. WHO announced formal name 2 days ago and I missed it completely, COVID-19. Great it is not Wuhan virus with all the attendant stigma. Of course, Chinese people are already getting racist abuse in places in UK. People can be so dumb and heartless. I am torn though, again the addiction to exotic foods proves the probable source of this all, so-called wet markets which have taken off in China in recent decades. The country seems hostile to judgement, but it is clearly a source of zoonosis as I have been told by OneHealthers on many occasions.

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