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07 Apr 2020 : What would Weber think?

The stats are out, the number of people attending A&E has dropped significantly in the last two weeks. GPs surgeries have battened down the hatchet. Health care workers are cautious, they’re wary of who they may encounter if they have to engage with people face-to-face. What was ‘normal’ a few weeks ago, is now a distant memory. Care has moved online or consultations are being undertaken over the phone, the personal has become the unpersonal. People with existing health conditions are worried, will they be able to access their medication? Will we face shortages of vital medication that some of us need (myself included)? There is a sense of panic and heightened anxiety. All of which is compounded by mix messages from the ‘experts’; to herd or nor to herd, that is the question. Don’t mix with people from outside of your home, keep two meters apart, do not pass go, do not collect £200. If only this was monopoly. In a way it is, people are deciding what happens in our day-to-day lives in a way that few would have thought possible. How we look at state power, governments and institutions will never be the same again. What would Louis Althusser and Weber make of our current situation?

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