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December 2020 Covid-19 Global Health Diaries

20 Jan 2021 : Joe Biden and Fundamental Healthcare Reform

Joe Biden is the first president whose tenure will be defined and dominated by health issues. The pandemic has exposed the flaws and vulnerabilities of the healthcare system, and any attempt to preserve the link between employment and access to healthcare is doomed to failure in a country of more than 30 million unemployed. The social and other problems c...  Read this >>

By: Ioannis Papagaryfallou, Research Assistant in Global Health - View profile and Diary

13 Jan 2021 : 1564 UK Deaths Today

1,564 deaths from COVID-19 were announced today in my home country the UK. My family and kids are in lockdown across the UK, my eldest son determined to return to university. I have been privileged myself to take a 2 and half week break from engaging with the virus, and over 3 weeks from the diary platform. In truth, my own period of pandemic fatigue. Ret...  Read this >>

By: Dr Owain Williams, Lecturer in IR and Human Security - View profile and Diary

06 Jan 2021 : To clap or not to clap..

'Clap for Carers' is to return on Thursday under a new name of 'Clap for Heroes' and I feel compelled to say something. For ten weeks in a row during the first wave, every Thursday at 8 pm, here in the UK we would be called to action. Television shows would be paused as we were instructed to ‘clap for our carers.’ Every week, we were told t...  Read this >>

By: Kandida Purnell, Assistant Professor of International Relations - View profile and Diary

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