Profile: Pia Riggirozzi - Professor of Global Politics

Pia Riggirozzi - Professor of Global Politics

Pia Riggirozzi ( is Professor of Global Politics at the University of Southampton, UK. Her research focuses on the political economy of development, human rights and regional governance in Latin America. She is currently working on ESRC-GCRF and MRC funded projects on gendered health inequalities, poverty and the challenges of inclusive development in Latin America.

Pia Riggirozzi's COVID-19 Diary

28 Apr 2020 : Nudging will not redress the inequalities of COVID-19 in Latin America

Since the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in January 2020 the disease has killed about 200,000 people worldwide (as of 28 April 2020). In this same period, Oxfam reports that over 900 thousand people died from other causes due to lack of access to health care, amongst other socio-political and economic determinants. Poverty is as lethal than the v...  Read this >>

Pia Riggirozzi, Professor of Global Politics

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