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01 Apr 2020 : Last Day in Iso

Breakthrough day on a personal level. I’m out of self-isolation in two hours and have finally caught up entering the two months of hand written diary entries. I’m just one day behind now. Sobering interview on World Service with a US medic. Hospitals are forming triage teams with blinded patient data (no race, religion or personal information). These bodies then make decisions about entry and ventilation. Doctors who are treating are protected from agonising decisions. The mental health and trauma fall out of this for those engaged is going to be huge. It also reports that 42 million US citizens could lose their jobs, more than the Great Depression (much smaller population then of course). It is at an industrial scale.

11,000 deaths now in Italy, with many countries now looking at Italy in terms of what not to do and what to do, In White House briefing on 31st a visibly shaken Trump stands before a basic infection curve – between 120,000 and 240,000 deaths. The commander of the US Roosevelt makes plea from Guam for emergency assistance. There are 4000 on board and COVID cannot be contained. Trump states he ‘wants as few people to die as possible’. So much for the flu you idiot.

This is my last day in isolation so I start to pack up. I get home tomorrow around the corner. I feel ever so slightly nervous in truth.

There are 15,000 crew members on cruise ships around Australia. They are effectively stranded with increasing refusals to dock them from multiple countries. We are back to plague ships, incredible. Cases here are slowing. But the UK is having nasty spike and very worried for friends and family there. A 13 year old boy dies. Just awful. Still repeated questions about almost complete absence of testing, Gove lying about lack of reagents. Flatly contradicted by Chemical Association who state they have them and can increase production. He is a straight out liar, again.

Slum dwellers of Lagos begging for help to cameras. No water, sanitation or space to shelter. Hope Nigeria avoids this, but it is unlikely.

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